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much better
: I find that I am getting better at putting together more tricks on the street course now. Hit the ledge, then a rail, then a small quarter wall coping, etc..

Wow, I admire your street "smarts". I can do none of the stuff you are talking about, lest combine it into a line! I remember a miserable fail in '95 attempting to grind a rail. I badly twisted my knee but at least my quadriceps tendon didn't tear back then.

: I also found that I need to start working out again to build up my muscles and my stamina. I haven't done any real work out in a very long time. (though I did get in a good 10 mile bike ride today)

My muscles are quite OK at the moment. But it's likely that the season for riding my bike up mount Schauinsland is over. It gets dark to early now and it's too cold up there. ;-)
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