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Anyone doing any skating?
Hey there Biffster,
I actually skated on the 19th (Sunday) for the 1st time in almost 2 weeks. I did the same "double session" as last time I skated 702, but reversed the order hitting 702 before going to the Spine.
DAMN! 2 new parks in TX, huh? Lucky you. I know about how far Houston is from Austin, but Flugerville?? no idea? Will that be closer to you than Houston is? Hope so.
I filmed Sunday using your buddy Jonathon Davis' downward helmetcam angle.....or a close approximation of it anyway. It's pretty cool. Thanks for the heads-up. I've got a HELLA-slow internet connection today, it's fine for the Beloved Forum here, but not much else. :-( 1 of the downfalls of Pirating your WiFi from your neighbors, I guess. Anyway, I've edited the footy from 702 into a little movie (with cred to you in Title for cam angle :-) ) & am trying to upload it to YouTube now. It may not happen today. But, if it does, rest assured I'll share it asap through the standard channels.
How did your session @ Mabel go? Is Raven not filming as much these days? I haven't seen any "BiffTV" in a long while. What gives?? You KNOW RS World is always looking for Quality 8-Wheeled content! LOL! And, I'm sure the good, although I agree currently quiet, roller community here would welcome an offering from you. Or from anyone other than me. I'm starting to think that JayTV has lost some of it's charm here after my near weekly submissions there for awhile. :-) LOL! Need to mix it up a bit, ya know what I mean?
Well, hope everyone is having a Blast & skating in their little "corner of the World".
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