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Skateboarders x 4 + Rollerskater x 1 = Session "Church of Skatin"
Hey People,
What's up? I hope everyone is having fun & rollin around all the concrete, masonite, ramplite & skatelite in your areas.
I was fortunate enough to get an invite from a couple of my 4-wheeled buddies to skate @ Freedom Park last Sunday for what I ended up calling "Church of Skatin". It's mostly skateboarding, at least in the beginning :-). I don't know about the rest of you, but usually when I'm not ALONE, I'm with a buddy on a sk8board. Hell a sk8boarder got me into ramp skating to begin with. And when I do go alone, I usually see & sk8 with boarders, so I would think you've ALL spent some time in the parks with some 4-wheelers. Anyway, here's the video. As always, I'm open to criticism, but let's be civil.

PEACE & Much Love,
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