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I know my tricks are insignificant compared to others on this forum, but I am proud of what I can do, especially lip tricks, hehehe. I feel really tall standing on top the coping, its pretty exciting!

My camera just broke. The case that holds the battery's been cracked and duct tape wont do the trick anymore. But I'll figure something out. Not really many people around here to take pics of me but now that I can do this myself, I can connect the camera on the rails instead of my helmet with the gorilla pod and take a frame from the video for a pic, neat huh?

OK now I have to get a real handplant on film. I did a monkeyplant over a year ago and this is all I have. My arm is OK now as I went rock climbing, did the intermediate climbs and had NO pain so it should be all OK now. :-D I didnt know I would ever go climbing again!! I wanted to practice today starting on the mini but all the little kids were hogging the mini and were rude. I hope to go to Greenbelt this week and do the t-stalls and monkey/hand plants.

Hey Bernhard, I'll be 41 pretty soon, its really cool I can still learn new tricks!! I think this spring/summer I'll be cranking out a few videos that I can be pretty proud of.
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