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Skating with Remz Team
Finally, the Remz team put up footage on their youtube channel, from last Monday Nights' Skate session. The first half of the video is the Round Rock skate park, where I skated the bowl with them. The second half is the Southside skate park in Houston. Those from the Remz team were : Chris Haffey, CJ Wellsmore, Dominik Wagner, Chino, Mason Richards, Brady Johnston, and Kato.

I got an honorary clip in the very beginning where I do a backside grind over the taco. First time that I ever did it backside! It was an especially good session. I am also pleased to say that my wrists are getting stronger, and I can once again do handstand walks. I hope to get some more clips from Javi, who is my sons friend......he took some footage with his phone.

Anyway, here is the video.
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