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Brand-new Park in Vegas---with a FOAMPIT!!!
Hello Quadsters!
It's been awhile. Yesterday we had a Grand Opening of yet another Killer Indoor Skate Park in Fabulous Las Vegas. And, of course, I was there. It was REALLY crowded being opening day & the ONLY foampit in Vegas, but I got in & got mine. :-) If any of my International Homies have trouble viewing the YouTube video due to Copyright issues with the music, email me if you wanna see video & I'll send it to you directly. Cool? OK. So, here it is, my 1st time EVER playing in a foampit:

That was CRAZY fun! I'll be back SOON & I'm sure it will be less crowded. Especially the bikes. Plus I spoke @ length w/owner & got his word that there soon WILL be separated Bike/Sk8 sessions AND his word that I could come 1 hour BEFORE official Opening time ANYDAY to sk8, basically having place to myself. :D Hahaha! Yeah!
BTW: That 1st time up, then down the big wedge into the 'pit: I had the WHOLE Fug'n park watching me because I'd already been there skating for over 2 hours & just could NOT get a chance (comfortably) to get onto starting ramp. So, when the owner, Thomas, asked me how I was doing/what I thought of park, I said Great, but I'd have to wait til my next visit to try the foampit. He asked me why & I pointed @ the 7-8 BMXers on the 8 foot square top of start ramp & he says "you wanna sk8 the foampit? I wanna SEE you do the foampit!" He then proceeds to holler up @ all the groms on BMXs to let me up AND to let me go in front of them! So, I turned on my trusty GoPro helmet-cam, mounted the little 2x4's that were NEVER intended for rollerskate ascents (THANK YOU AGAIN TOESTOPS!) & after a VERY brief look around to get my bearings, I dropped in & FLEW! So FUN! Then, after I dropped in off the wedge on side of 'pit & rolled 2/3 of the way up the start ramp before hopping left onto the little 2x4 steps, Thomas is Impressed enough with my ascent to tell the groms AGAIN to give me right-of-way. So, I look @ the crowd on top, Apologize, Drop-In real fast & bust my 1st 360 into the foampit. After that, I told the groms I'd wait my turn like everyone else. And I did. At about this time I told Thomas that I had named the foampit "Frito-Lay" cuz you couldn't do just one. Not sure if my Non-American friends will get that commercial paraphrased reference, but it sure seemed right @ the time. Still does actually.
Anyway, that's it, Kids. Hope you like the video. Hope everybody's skating in their little corners of the world.
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