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Not quite sure yet but....
: That's awful.
: I hope very much that you did not tear your tendon. Go see a doctor immediately. He will be able to tell you what's up. An early diagnosis also makes it more likely that it can be healed without surgery, even if it's a (partial) tear. But let's hope that it's not torn at all. It's not good to go through this.

Thanks, Bernhard. I'm going to wait a couple of days because before seeing a doctor. The reason is because it isn't quite as bad as the first time that I tore it. So I'm hoping that I perhaps just aggravated the scar tissue from the first surgery. I'll know for sure if I have certain movement problems. Last time, sideways pressure sent me into agony.

Good news is that it is feeling better more quickly. Bad news is that if it is a tear, it is not favorable to have to re-operate on a previous tear.
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