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: : : Was that waxed?
: :
: : Hopefully not. Waxing is deadly dangerous. The creator of our local vert ramp, Paul Heuberger of Vertical Ramps, broke his rib because he slipped on the coping some inliner had waxed.
: I have to ask, does he actually know it was an inliner for sure?

I know the inline skater who waxed the coping personally. And I repeatedly asked him to stop doing so, because all the skaters using the ramp had problems with the wax.

: I've seen many skateboarders wax stuff, too. I'd hate to see someone 'hating' due to skatism. (skater racism) Assuming can lead to so many more issues.

Ah, come on. I don't think we need to take this to the level of 'hating'. It's a matter of getting along and listening to other skaters using the ramp asking repeatedly to not wax the coping.

: (Btw, I hope Paul Heuberger healed up well.)

He could have broken his neck. Plus it happend during a contest organized by me.

: On the other hand, I'll be the Devil's Advocate :
: Not waxing can be dangerous. I've skated pool style copings that stop you dead in your tracks, if not waxed! Coming to a screeching halt, during a grind or slide at high speeds, can lead to being catapulted headlong into a wall, bowl, or even onto the coping with painful results.

This is not the case for this ramp. It is a quality ramp by Vertical.

: I think the bigger issue for skateboarders is wax on metal coping; for when they grind on their trucks. It is metal against metal, which can be very slippery! On skateboard forums, I have read where skaters take blow torches and towels so they can melt off all of the wax and wipe it off.

Indeed it is a metal coping and the metal is specifically selected for skating purposes.

: I think this will always be an issue due to differing opinions.

Sometimes it's a matter of live and death. I do understand waxing of curbs. I do not understand waxing of copings like the one on our local vert ramp.
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