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Vert Skating 1990
Hi there, hi biffsk8er, thanks a lot for the compliments! Never though, that your comments could inspire me so fast that I ran to the basement last night, searching my skates.....and finding them, see the picture :-) Maybe I need some new shoestrings, apart from that there are no more excuses, at most the weather in Münster :-( But I live just 500 metres away from an new skatepark in Münster-Gievenbeck and about 4 Kilometres away from the legendary Pool in Berg Fidel [where all Pros went to in the early 90ies cause of the Monster Mastership], they created the whole area completely new [!/bergfidel].
@biffsk8er: if interesting for you, the "smooth" sound beyond the video is made by my brother and me. The whole song is called birdseed and you can find it here: as Song Number 5 in the Flash Player. So, is there any Navigation-Point here in the forum, where I can see, where you all come from, would be nice and interesting
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