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Erik Mercade
New Generation
: Thanks, but i can\'t seem to find a correct date. On this forum it says Oct 14, which is a Thursday. Is it tommorrow or on sat. or sun? Sorry and thanks again.
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: : Welcome Erik, Glad that you tuned in. I am also glad that you are riding vert. We are having a rollerskating contest this coming weekend at Woodward West why don\'t you come check it out and see Duke and Fred rip it up along with a whole bunch of other rollerskaters. keep on rolling
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: : : I was googling one day and founs this site. Now I\'m a rollerblader, but I think you guys are the bomb. I think I\'m about the the only vert rollerblader in the whole united states. Then a rollerskater shows up and teaches me something new in about 5 minutes that I\'v been working on for months. Thanks for helping me Duke, Fred, and some other dude who skated there on 10/9/04
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