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News from Beule from April 10
Jason Shrieves wrote:

Hey all-

Just arrived back in Germany from Oz, hung out with Beule for a couple hours yesterday. He's doing pretty well. Had some scrapes and cuts on his head... apparently he saw a younger guy in the lockup doing standing backflips on concrete and decided to do some as well... made two then on the third one he slipped and smashed up his head a bit... you know, its Beule- 45 years old and still doing standing backflips on rough concrete with the 18 yr old kids....

He says hello to everyone and thanks for the continued support.
I attended some of the court hearings and met with the lawyer. It is getting to the stage where money can really help. Its important that we try to raise as much money as possible in the short term which can fuel his defense. I really encourage everyone to keep a positive outlook on his situation while understanding that the legal battle is pretty far from over, and infact just beginning.

I'm not sure about the rest of you guys, but I'd like to attend some benefit events before July! If anyone has any ideas for smaller Benefit events, please organize em and let us know where and when to show up! Every helps! There are still plenty of stickers and T-Shirts available on the website at - if you don't have any, why not!?!?

Free Beule!
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