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Brian (pictures by Brian)
Trying New Tricks, Lately???
: I want to know what kinds of tricks we rollerskaters are trying these days on street, at the park, on vert, in bowls, etc. (parallel and sidestance)??? What have you been up to?

I spent some time on the mini ramp today(all sidestance). Being the vert guy that I am, it really is a whole new world. I messed around with the lip for a while, just plateslides in either direction.. frontside 50/50's, backside nose grinds, fs nose grinds & pivots... something like a fs lip slide. Next I played around with air's a bit just trying to get comfortable with fs & bs air.. then adding some grabs.. it really is a lot more work than air on vert... having to pop out so hard and trying not to hang up... finally got a few bs 360's out too. Then I took a slam when my front foot got all squirly during a fs nosegrind and called it a day shortly after.... has anyone else ventured into new territory latley?
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