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Vert Rollerskate Documentary
Hi all,

I was thinking that I want to make a documentary about vert rollerskating.I would like everyone on this site to reach out to everyone they know and take some video that can be sent to me by e-mail. It obviously can't be very long, but I am sure you can send portions at a time. I have at least six vert skaters here in the U.S. that I can video and interview. I would love it if the rest of you could take some video and send it to me. I figure we have at least 50 vert skaters around the world and I would love to tell our story. My vision is to have a brief introduction of each skater to give their background and then some edited video of each person for about 1 minute. The purpose of this video is to give a record of our passion and maybe post it online. This is just an idea and am curious if you all would be into this? I watch the videos of the Spanish and Autralians and am in awe. You guys are amazing. We have some awesome skaters here as well and I know they are all of the world. I am sure I could get some video of Brian Wainright and Duke Rennie and the rest of the U.S. rippers. I could definitely take the amazing two videos I saw posted earlier. I just want to share our experience with the rest of the rollerskaters around the world. Let me know what you think? I am not sure how to e-mail raw footage, but I am sure someone on here knows.


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