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cutting skis, etc
: hey, is cutting skis for plates more difficult then the
: UHMW plastic?

Both are hard to cut. Skis often have metal edges that are very hard to cut through. Otherwise, the rest of the ski is not too hard to cut through. But, make sure not to breathe it, as it is fiberglass; VERY BAD for the lungs!

: what thickness do people cut their sliders minimum (uhmw), sides and bottom? 15mm, 20mm?

It depends on what type of slider you want. Some want flat sliders. I try to router h-block grooves in mine. You can go thinner without h-block grooves. Also depends on body weight and how tough you are going to be on them. I stack mine. I start narrow and widen toward the h-block. I used 3/4" stock for the base, so that the h-block cut outs would not weaken the material. The Spaniards do an entirely different style of slider that can be thinner.

I'll post pics of my sliders after this post for a visual idea of what I am talking about. Hope it helps.

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