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done, new skates!
well not many responses so it seems not many people are interested in new rollerskates but i LOVE them! except getting some muscle spasms i guess from so much sculpture/cutting/screwing bolts again and again. the only thing i dont like about them now is the high boot makes it hard to bend at the ankle but next time i will try to lace them lower. i hope to get a new boot this winter and cut the skis for my street skates again. i think the plexiglass will make for a smoother street plate.

i lowered the heel and quite happy with them now! now only for sunshine again and my arm to feel good again. :D

to me new roller skates are very exciting with all the time planning and for me the woman hours spent making them. i dont think i could love a pair of inlines or manufactured roller skates that were "made" perfectly because its not ME in the design/skate. and it was only 2 years ago i thought i might never be able to build my own skates or skate again. you appreciate things so much more when you lose it!
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