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News from Beule
Joerg Sander writes on 28. Oktober 02:25:

Hello everybody.

Holger called me this morning. Looks like he is doing a great job to deal with the situation. As most of you know Beule can not just sit around and do nothing. So he is now involved into some jobs into the prison. He works in the gym, as Bjoern already reported, preparing the place for events as well as cleaning the gym and Beule now does the writing of official-papers for other inmates. Actually he refused the job because he thought he wouldn´t be the right guy for that but the people in the pin convinced him that he is the right person. However, now he feels comfortable with doing the job.

Furthermore Holger practices everyday some time in Tai Chi And he has a little Ghettoblaster now that he can listen to radio transmissions in OZ.

Would be great if any Ozi could try to transmit some greetings of the "Free-Beule-Group" via the relevant radiostations. Is that possible?????

Holger "Beule" is still stoked and amazed about all the support you people are granting and he says thank you to everybody.

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