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Facebook skate group - RC Sk8Park Roller Skaters
Ok.. I am checking out the 'RC Sk8Park Roller Skaters' page on Facebook, when all of a sudden, I get booted. I can only assume that it was a preemptive move by someone to prevent any unpleasantness. Probably someone with whom I have not agreed with in the past.

I hope that whosoever chose to block me changes their mind. The quad vert skate world is too small as it is. Should this person change their mind, know now that I intend to only place positive posts there.

Besides, the group description seemed pretty welcoming...I assumed that the admins would be too. Please feel free to block me the minute I do something that goes against the 'group rules', but please do not punish me before I have even done anything wrong, out of old resentments.

Biff Riley
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