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: : Yeah, it's really strange, the whole Malaga thing. I bet they just forgot to keep us up to date. Freiburg... is that in the east or western part of Germany? Perhaps I could come. I hope the trip won't cost a fortune though, I'm already going to the Amphi in Cologne and I may go to other festivals as well.
: :
: : By the way, is it normal if I don't hear anything from the Pro-Designed crew? I think I'm gonna write an e-mail to see if they even received my order, as I already paid for it.
: : My kneeguards are busted up as well, but I think I'll stick to getting them fixed at the tailor's.
: I do not think it is normal to NOT hear back from PD. I'll be glad to help you out in getting in contact. Did you order from the P.D. in Aussie land or from the U.S. PD? Feel free to email me the letter you sent to PD before, and I'll make sure that Wild Bill (the U.S. owner) gets a copy. (email listed above in title) If it was the Aussie PD, then I have no connections, other than to go through Bill here in the U.S., as I'm sure they will answer him right away.

Heh, about that... I wrote an e-mail to Bill, and just the next day I got an e-mail that said it was shipped. So all is well after all. :)
Can't wait to get them!
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