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Breaking the silence
: Wow! I loved how you rode both the small and the deep cradles.

: What was the song you stuck in the background?
I always list the song credits in my videos (check the video description section below the video).
---Music : Fleetwood Mac - \'Tusk\'

: Unfortunately, Marcio Wood, the guy with the camera, has busted up his knee big time. It was hanging on a thin thread of tendon until recently, then that snapped too. He even has trouble walking longer distances at the moment. Of course, I could ask him to come film me, but I've been really busy myself, not skating all that much either. He'll have an operation in August, iirc. Let's hope for the best.
*** That is terrible! I hope that he can get the proper care and/or surgery to fix that! Tell him that there are those here in Texas that wish him the very best, and hope that he can once again get the mobility that I am sure that he misses.

: By the way, I loved your narration, Biff. I'll quote the most impressive part:
: "Ah shi-"
*** Oddly enough, that quote is VERY common. :P
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