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Totally cool, yet insane.
I went skating on Monday night as I always do. At the skate park is a roller blader from Utah. He has lived in Austin on and off again, and has skated with the inline crew here, so he knows me.

So, this last Monday he informs me that he saw a video online on an aggressive inline skate site that he thought was me. After reflection, he decides it is not me, but he tells me that he thinks I am better than the guy in this video.

Now, the insane part.

He shows me the video. It is Brian Wainwright. Wow! I am so incredibly honored to have ever been mistaken to be of the same caliber as B.W.. Being a blader, I do not think he recognizes the difficulty of Brian Wainwright's tricks, but it is still incredibly nice to have been thought of as that good! I will ride this 'high' for a while to come. :D
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