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: Hey Bernhard,
: one of our guys had access to sheets of Ash Plywood (at least I think it was Ash). He got his boss to sell him the lot for 900 dollars. He asked all the local skaters to help get the money up to make this happen. Within a week it was done, stripped, re-sheeted, payed for, and of course skated by yours truly! I donated 50 bucks myself.
: See if you can get the skate community to come together to pay for fixing it. Worked for us! And btw, our ramp is privately owned by an individual, not by the city or a company. That might have helped to bring the skaters together.

We have some domations from the skate community, but it's not enough. The community also isn't strong enough to bring up that much money. We watn to raise the money from sponsors, but at the moment we can't ask small sponsors to pay for advertisment on the ramp because the youngsters still dream of one big sponsor. At least we now have a deadline for October 1, so wen can start asking smaller sponsors for money then.

The ramp isn't owned by an individual but by a skater's association. The ground is owned by the city, which creates additional complications (at least when organizing a contest).
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