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Tim, Links
* Bernhard, I have a copy of that interview and some other stuff, I was in every issue of skateboard for a year, so I'll scan the rest of the stuff and put it on if other people want to see it. I never thought anyone cared but me. I have started sharing what I have by sending Kenny Means (the first rad rollerskater) a copy of Air Attack so that he could see what he inspired others to do. I would like to see some stuff of Duke and Fred, and Jimmy Scott and the lot of you from other countries. I'm sure that the web site can only hold so much, but it would be nice to document the whole sport as it was. What ever? I will see if others would like to share. I am interested in everyones experience, because that is how the sport developes.
: Thanksfor sharing your findings on the web!

: : This page mentions an interview with Tim Altic; does anyone have this issue of "Skateboard!"?
: Some crazy stuff. Those were the times! Pity that they don't have a scan of the interview.
: : Then I found pics and "fly through" flicks of the Great Falls skate park. It looks really great. Tim, did you participate in the design of that park?
: Great park. It's not been build or has is?
: : Then I found a list of "Vertical Roller Skaters" with links.
: Those have been taken from my Green Ramp Jam 1991 report. ;-)
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