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Re: roller blading sucks!
: : : i wanna know why you think fruit booting is an extreme sport?
: : :
: : I agree with you man Fruit booters are the most fucken retarted people in the world
: : the next time i see one skating we are going to have a nice little talk
: Strange how they choose a quad skating group to pick on bladers. If he wants to lump all roller skaters together as "fruitbooters" ( I thought that phrase went out in the 80's)
: well then dvitali2, where do you live? I'll come down for a skate and we can have a nice long talk. BTW, I'm 6 feet 5 in, weigh 250 lbs. and have been lifting weights for 25 years. I'll have a lot to say to you. And for the record, the term isn't retarded anymore, it's developmentally delayed, which you are a classic example of.
: RS Dave
: PS. Have a Merry Christmas

I hope ther is good reason for your response.. wow

But realise Newtons law when you associate size with fighting abilites :)

Every boxer has a plan until they get hit :)

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