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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Salomon ST Pro 2 UFS Skates
: The more one can skate 'out of the box' the better imho.

What do you mean by this? Using skates off the shelf instead of DIY skates?

: I will ride ANY terrain.. that is the fun part!! But I do not have the scoop on those ST Pro 2's.

I admire this spirit and by all means recommend doing likewise. However, in skateboarding specialisation is a fact. 99 % of skateboarders nowadays only ride street and never would even consider a vert ramp.

: A good skater can skate ANYthing on just about ANY skate.

That's right. Although I wouldn't call myself a good skater, I know some really good skaters. Watching someone who has style is a small compensation for not being able to do it by your own.

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