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starting vert skating
: hey im thinking about starting vert skating and ive had experience with inline skating but i want to do vert. what vert skate should a beginner buy

Hm, sounds like you want an inline skate setup for vertical skating. The folks here in this forum are mostly vertical rollerskaters. You pretty much can't buy a complete setup for vertical rollerskating (with the exception of Lisa's stuff at or the VSkates at
Also have a look at the Resources page of this site. Or have a look on how to build your own setup on the how to pages of this sites and on Tobi's roller skate site.

If you still want to have inline skates for vertical skating, get some dedicated aggressive skates with a low profile and flat wheels. I can't give you any specific advice since I have stopped watching the inline development since about the Roces Majestic 12.
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