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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Spanish quad.
: I may have more videos than photos.

Pics taken from video are mostly of worse quality than "real" photos. But it's a rad nose picker on this photo! I hope you never did a hang-up when doing this!

:I will send you new images soon. Congratulations about the image browsing function. I've seen pictures i've never seen and others saw in the past. There's a picture called "Bomero", the boy is called Ufra, could you please chage the name, please? I hope to send you more pictures about him.

The picture isn't called Bomero. It's the sender. You mistyped your nick on this post. I will do a little program which lets me change those typos easily. You may have noticed that there are posters (e.g. Lee) who type their name differently in most creative ways. What's shown as the title of a picture is the subject of the original post. When I get round to doing this, I can change this to "Ufra".
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