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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: Hi guys. Just a quick question I wanted to ask. I was wondering how tight most ramp skaters like to set their trucks. Since most of the time you're travelling in a straight line or following the curves of the particular ramp you happen to be skating and not having to lean to the left or right as you would skating around a rink, do you keep your trucks tighter than normal for extra stability?

A very good question. I think the answer is also a very individual one. I've got the trucks of my ramp skate quite tight. That gives me more stability. But I know of other ramp skaters who keep their trucks less tight to have more manoeverability. They can correct slight errors this way when landing e.g. a McTwist. I think it is easier for a beginner to have tighter trucks. I also think it's not well suited to side stance riding when you have tight trucks.
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