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Roller Gathering
: When?
: I think august is a good month. It's more expensive but it's easier to have days off at work to go to the gathering (august the 12 & 13th?).

Gaston would like to come over to Europe (especially Germany) but he can't come in July and August.

: Where?
: I personaly do prefer big ramps, such Berlin, Mezzano or Lyon.

I can't ride those very big ramps but will try very hard to be there to take photos.

: If we organize the gathering in an outdoor skatepark we are taking a little risk. It would be very annoying to suffer a rainy weekend.

That's where Freiburg has an advantage. The ramp isn't really big (only 3.5 m high and 12 m wide) but you can go to Basel (60 km away) when it rains.

: I think that if the meeting is going to take place in Europe, we could vote for the options available.
: I would like to include the Skatepark de Lyon in the list. The ramp is quite good (despite de surface is not new) and they have experience and good facilities there.

Sounds great. If there are no nore suggestions, we can compile a list for voting.
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