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Europe--Roller Event
: I Have to say that germany whould be a interesting place. Last saturday i was talking with Nelo and he said it very well. I think Berlin is the cheapest airplane ticket ( thinking abuot usa's people) where we can find nice ramps around.

I have contacted Jürgen Horrwarth from Berlin. It would be possible to arrange something with the skatehall. The ramp there surely is up to modern standards (which means, way to high for me. But it is very probably that I wont be able to skate for some time since I probably ruptured my cruciate ligament when trying to snowboard on February 18. Anyhow, I will be very happy to take some photographs).

: When? I think i wouldn't have problems any moth, and it will be easier to get any moth in special telling it as soon as possible.

August 19/20 is impossible for me since we will have our Freiburg half pipe contest then.
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