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Quad rollerskaters for LG Action Sports World Tour?
Hi Zorg,

: As last year LG Action Sports World Tour comme back. Here are some nice events with a big vert (and a street area), free to watch, nearly free to participate:

I have added all those dates to the Kalendar of Feel free to add relevant dates there. The calendar can only become more comprehensive.

: As top level inliners will be there, why not top quad rollerskaters???

I often thought so myself. I think some of the best vert inliners would welcome this. Some of them have started their career as roller skaters (e.g. Thaig Kris). I'm not very sure about the people organzing those event. It's possible that some of them aren't even aware that there is such a thing as a vertical roller skater. However, if some roller skaters would venture to go there and if I could get accredited as press photographer for, then Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin wouldn't be too far of (depending on how far my knee has healed till then).

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