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Vert Skating in Australia
So there are still vert quad skaters on the land where people walk on their head (you are at antipodes for us;-)) )
Don't worry, we are not numerous here in France also, but thanks to the web, we can share experience!
Hope one day I will attend a congress in Sidney for my work and meet you. Success for your plate making.


PS: It depends on your back problem, but streching my back daily before sleeping is really good for mine: no hurt since I started 6 mounths ago.

: I've been a vert-quad skater for 22 years now. Until recently, I skated ramps, skate parks and wherever I could to get the adrenalin pumping to have a good time.
: I'm now stuck with a bad back condition that prevents me from skating too much.
: I'm now steering to design a new base plate, (to pass the time), to fit onto the bottom of a boot to make quad-skates lighter and stronger, using aircraft alloy. Unfortunately, its a teadious task to trial these plates, and in the meantime, I just watch my mates skate and have a good time.
: As I know of, there's only myself, and a friend you may know of as Paul 'Rollerball' Jessop that skate vert nowadays in the land downunder, and we have just recently got a proper vert ramp closeby.
: Paul skates it alot, and I've never seen other vert-quad skaters on a ramp downunder in nearly 10 years.
: If your interested in visiting the biggest vert ramp in Sydney Australia at one time or another, check-out this website:
: Measurement wise, this ramp is 14 1/2 ft. high by 68 ft. long.
: It also has a spined mini-ramp and an indoor street section too.
: There are a number of skateparks scattered around the local area that you can visit while your here too. Visit this website:
: which will show pictures and locations of all skateparks in Australia.
: I'd be more than happy to see some vert quad-skaters in Sydney, so just email me if you have any questions.
: Cheers,
: Mark 'BeanStalk'
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