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Maxi ramp (Paris suburb)
: : Wow !!! It seems to be really good!!
--> It is trully good!!
: : As i told you your city deserves a tryp and i'm making numbers to tell you when to go.
--> you are welcome!!!
: : Someone told me that it's not a good neighbourhood, isn't it?
-->I always keep an eye on my bag there, but the neighbourhood is mainly kids and teens sometime annoying when they play football, slide on their ass along the ramp (I avoid Week-end and wednesday). Up to now they have respect for old quads.... and the place is surrounded by a high "walls" so it is possible to filter the access. Nevertheless by july/august, a man will be paid to filter the access to riders only!!!
: : Is it a good place to make the gathering?
--> It is, but the weather is quite unpredictable and there are still no indoor "open" parcs in Paris with true verts (maybe in september)
: : Bombe. ( i'm starting ridding in spider)
--> Cool!! a new great "araņa" is born
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