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Vert Skaters In U.S.
Hi, I just stumbled onto this site about two weeks ago and I never realized there were so many quad vert skaters. I am curious who is out here in the U.S. and even in California. I grew up skating Skatercross and used to compete in ASPO. Back then I was the youngest skater and there weren't to many out there. For a while, we had about 4 or 5 rollerskaters at our park, but most of my skating through the years has been with skateboarders. I used to find backyard ramps and spend about an hour getting to know the owner and then ask to skate. I would put my skates on and they would look at me really odd, but once I busted a flip they would always let me stay. I was not aware there were so many vert rollerskaters out there. I was happy to come across the Vert Rollerskating website and see that Duke and Fred are skating. When I was about 12 years old Fred gave me a set of wheels. I remember him being the best I ever saw. I heard about Duke and just saw some amazing pictures of him. The two skaters from California that I remember being amazing are Paul Votava and Jamie Ide. I saw Paul about ten years ago when I was on my inlines and he was still old school and ripping. I am just curious who is out there. I was thinking I was old, but realized that back in the day, I was the youngest so there probably aren't too many people younger than me. I am glad this forum is up. It gives me hope to relive something very special to me.

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