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vert holidays
Hello, I never saw your reply and just came about it. I met Toto when I skated Marsaille in 1992. His knee was really messed up and he was mostely skateboarding, which he is very good at. I got a letter from him in 1993 and he told me how a ramp collapsed and a lot of people got hurt. Is he still skating? He was an amazing skater. He tried my inlines and ripped hard. I did see him on his quads and he was taking it easy with out pads and ripping hard. I know he told me he was going to have his own line of skates. This was a long time ago. I hope he is still around and doing ok. He was one of a few that spoke English so he had to translate for me. There were about 5 rollerskaters that were pretty good. Marsaille was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I met some really cool rollerskaters in Spain. They were younger, but very good. One of the kids I met took me to a waterpark and then introduced me to his mom. He showed me a video of a Spanish skater that was the best I had ever seen. I don't remember his name, but he did every flip imaginable. I know that certain inline skaters are doing double back flips and trying triple backflips, but I never see them on tv anymore. It seems there are more tricks you can do on rollerskates. My new goal in life is to get all of my tricks back and then learn some more. I have always been good and all kinds of flips, but have never been good at airs. I don't get it, but I just can't get air. I would love to get my old tricks back and then learn how to air. I have only skated about a short amount of time with inline or quad vert skaters. I have never had the opportunity to learn new tricks. Do you know Martin Broice in Germany? I met him 14 years ago in my skate tour and he was an amazing skateboarder and very good rollerskater. He actually took me out to a club and it was fun, but I did not speak the language so it was a bit though.

: Hi Robert,
: : Hello, I accidentally came across this site and have been reading the forums.
: I'm glad that you found us!
: : Do you know Toto Ghali?
: I know him for sure. He was one of the best roller skaters in Europe.
: : Here is a picture from Marsaille.
: Crazy picture! Thanks for sharing it.
: : I was on my inline skates. I am thinking about going back to the real deal and wearing my quads.
: Welcome to the world of roller skating!
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