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Reality check
Wow, I just went to rene's website and was blown away. I guess I feel like an early adoptor who saw others excell. I saw a slide show of the most amazing skating I have ever seen. I have not seen vert rollerskating in a long time and this guy was amazing. No matter how good I thought I was when I was younger, this guy would have schooled me. I wish I had the opportunity to skate with him. He is amazing. With that said, I have been so impressed with these inline skaters. I looked at all of the pictures from the rollerskaters and inline skaters and all of them were getting crazy air. I was so impressed. My biggest weakness on skates wheather roller or inline is that I can't get air. I love seeing all of these pictures of the old skaters and new ones. I used to see Fabiola on tv and she is an amazing inline skater. I have recently been priveledged to see Irene. It is so awesome to see women ripping. I am guessing there is nobody on this site that discounts the talent of inliners, but I don't know how anyone could. I saw pictures that blew me away. Now that inline is no longer popular, you never see these guys or gals on tv, but they are amazing. Anyone that can get a 14' air is really talented. I hope to get my flips back and a few lip tricks, but I will never be that talented. These people are amazing. I am sure you will all agree that weather you are inline, rollerskate or skateboarder, it is truly an art. I give props to all of these people. They blow my mind and inspire me. I hope to hit a skatepark in a few weeks. I have a feeling it will be sooner because I have the itch. I feel more motivated now than I have in 15 years. I just want to skate. It would be really cool, if I could inspire some young kid on a skateboard to give it a try, but either way I just hope he keeps skating. Wow, we actually live in a time where skating is acceptable. I am guessing that most or all of you have gone through the struggle and now that skating is accesible we all want to recapture that feeling. I am sure many of you never stopped, but I did and want to get back to my passion. The best memories of my life were skating. This forum has made me realize I am not too old and I am going to get that feeling back.

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