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Hi all,

I woke up with a pretty good hang over this morning and ended up having an amazing skate. I went for 30 minutes and I am pretty close to having the skills back with out the confidence. I realized something the other day and am wondering, if anybody else has had this happen. I was experiencing really bad foot pain while rollerblading and sort of the same pain rollerskating. Yesterday, while trying to squeeze in my skates with my toes curled, I got the worst cramp in the bottome side of my foot. I don't know if this is a muscle or a vein, but it made me realize this is the area that always hurts. This morning I stretched my toes and foot front and backwards. I noticed a really big difference today. I went longer and was more comfortable than I have been in days. I am curious what types of stretching you all do? Does anyone actually stretch their feet? I found this to be really beneficial. Getting a cramp in your foot is damn painful. When I used to surf, I would get them in my calf and they were a nightmare. I am starting to realize that our ages will have no affect on our skills, but our bodies need a lot more stretching and pads. Roller Dave said that it would take me about three sessions to get my skills back. I would say it has taken five, but I am so ready to hit vert. I hope to eventually skate well and get someone to take some pictures. I have told my good friends that don't skate that I am going back to my old school roots and I have gotten support, but also questions. They want to know how I can rollerskate on the street and look like an old fool. My goal is to skate with my bestfriend from junior high and his son who is my god son. My friend was never been very good, but always had fun. I hear this little six year old is dropping in. I have been used to showing up and holding my own. I wonder, if I can show up and mentor these young kids? It will be weird. My biggest regret in my entire life was when some very big name skaters had a room open and I was going to move in. They had a ramp in their backyard and they were and are the top names in vert inline, but I chose to stick with my job. I have always tried to do the right and responsible thing and now realize you need to follow your heart. I am going to hook up with you old farts and skate with you. I am only 37. I am just a youngster. I say that as a joke, but in the old days I was the youngest skater around and ripped pretty good. I wish I understood business at that time or my parents understood because I may have made some money. Oh well, life is what it is. Today I have a job and plan to skate vert. Tomorrow, I may not have a job and still plan to skate vert. Next month I may be begging for change on the streets of Laguna Beach. I don't think that will happen, just makiing a dramatic message. I am torn. I don't know if I am better at sales or skating? I love skating more and I am good at both. Sales is a necessity and skating is a passion. I am back and I hope I can meet skaters that blow me away.
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