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Skate Pads
Those pads look pretty good. They are definitely expensive for skate pads, but I am sure well worth it. I have some pro design that I bought about 14 years ago. They are still in good shape. I will try my knee pads on and figure out if I can go with out knee gaskets. The ones I have are really tight. Have you heard anything about Crash Pads for the hips? I definitely need good hip pads because a few years after a snowboarding wipe out I found out I fractured my tailbone.

: : Hello,
: :
: : I am getting really frusterated trying to buy some pads. It seems that no skate shops in my area carry knee gaskets to go under my knee pads or hip pads. They have a ton onliine, but I would like to try them on. Anyone have any advice about ordering the correct size online?
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: Smith Knee Pads and Knee Gaskets work well together. I wear Medium at around 5'3"/125lbs.
: My next pair will be these babies:
: They will outlast me, unless I'm skating in my 70s.
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