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Dave Roen (pictures by Dave Roen)
New Photos
Hi everyone -

I've been reading the messages over the past few days and wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

My name is Dave Roen - I started vert rollerskating around 1982 in southern California and I used to skate at Lakewood skatepart, Paramount, The Pipeline and half-pipes all over the area.

This photo was taken around 1987 by Rick Kosick. It was a ramp in Upland, CA. A guy named Marcus who worked at the Pipeline had a huge backyard with this nice and neat 10 foot high by 16 foot wide half-pipe. It was a fun ramp to ride.

The skates I used back in the day were speed skates - Reidell boots with sure grip magnesium plates, the wheels were sawblades.

Recently I have had the desire to skate again and have constructed some new skates. I will post a photo of them soon - they took a long time to build and I must say I am proud. I had a piece of aluminum cut to match the old tracker base plate and had some brand new indy freestyle trucks that I bought in 1988. There is a custom grind plate boxtubing between the trucks and I have some bullet 66mm wheels.

Oh yeah - I ride parallel but after reading Brian's how-to on sidestance I've been playing with it on flat. We'll see...

I'm so glad there are other vert rollerskaters out there!

I'll post more photos soon!!

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