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Vert Contest Hot LaWa August 2006, 19-20
: : Just a reminder. Hot LaWa takes place on the big vert ramp in Freiburg on August 19-20. I hope to see lots of roller skaters there!
: How was it? Hopefully.... it was....good weather, lotsa rollerskaters and amazing runs, besides hella fun!

It was a crazy weekend. On both days it started to rain when we finally were ready to start. On Saturday, one skateboarder had a nasty crash with an inline skater and got knocked out. We feared for the worst but today he already got out of the hospital. In order to celebrate that he wasn#t injured more badly, I attach a pic of him from two weeks ago. Altogether, there were 18 Skateboarders who wanted to compete minus two because of the accident, minus two youngster who already went home and got their own contest on Sunday. Also on Sunday we did our eightwheel contest, but only four inline skaters competed. Also, the only roller skater present didn't start. And finally we did a very relaxed best trick contest which was won by Axel Görger who did Crail Slides and Back-Side Desasters on the extension-box-con-pool-coping which he built himself three days ago.

Yes, it was lots of fun and it was a big success despite the fact that no roller skaters started in the contest and despite some injuries.
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