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Hi all,

Has anyone heard anything about the redesign of vskates? I came across their site several months ago and that made me want to get back into quad skating. I finally got my skills back on street and somehow let life's demands get a hold of me. I have not skated in at least a month and I even joined a skatepark and planned on going. I hope to get back into it next week. I need to feel vert again. It sucks not having other rollers to skate with. I was so pumped to get back on quads after doing inline for so long. I just need to suck it up and be the old guy on rollerskates at the park. They will look at me like a dinasour. lol It's all good. I just want to do it for the exercise, but I know myself and will do a back flip my second run. I wonder if I still have it?


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