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Creaky joints
: My knees have also always sound "sandy", especially the left one and the radio are normal. Well till they have the amplitude and no pain, I don't care!!! My back sometime hurts, but doing some preventive stretching and rskating has spaced the hurts (being sat long times with computer or car driving is really bad for me).
: : : : Bernhard said:
: : Maybe you can improve your knees, too, with some physiotherapy? Your not that old ... But we have something in common: we put quite some load on our knees.
: :
: : My knees aren't too bad. It's my feet and lower back. They're full of arthritis. They don't want to do any operating because I'm too young. Once I get moving it's not too bad (liveable anyway). As long as I can walk and skate I'm doing OK I guess.
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