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Lee Y (videos by Lee Y) (pictures by Lee Y)
have you seen this?
Was that clip from Mon's vert jam, when I broke my ankle? Not being completely sober didn't help...I was the the chinese guy from South Bank...

I have a load of skate stuff in my garage from when my dad closed down the skate shop if anyone is interested in the South East London / Surrey area. Mostly parts - some generic variflex-alike baseplates, trucks (standard narrow jobs) loads of cheap wheels and stoppers, and a ridiculous number of 608 bearings. The interesting stuff got sold to a rollerdisco operator out in Suffolk! I'm keeping a load back for my own kids. I have a couple of 3 month old twin boys to go with the 5 year old now, so I expect them to be down the local park at some point.

Lee Y

: : hey everyone
: : yes, i'm still skating, but not enough as i'd like to
: : i have a beautiful little 1 year old skater girl Maya Tubb and so can not skate as much as i'd like. but i am looking forward to b uilding her some skates as soon as she can walk.
: : this is why i've not been on the forum for some time so forgive me.
: : i look forward to skating with any or all of you soon.
: : iam glad some people recognise a slob fast plant, when they see one...
: : Jay Tubb
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