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Robert (videos by Robert) (pictures by Robert)
Everything comes.
That was some amazing footage. It used to be that Europe had the best places to skate and I am not sure, if that is still true. Here in the U.S. there are public skateparks everywhere. I have at least four that I can go to with in a half hour drive. If any of you want to visit, let me know. I just started again, but will be ready to session in about six weeks. About fifteen years ago I travelled Europe with my skates and skated some awesome parks. I skated marsaille France, Munster Germany, Madrid Spain and a few other spots. It was awesome. Back then, Europe had all of the great spots. Now something happened with the liability laws and there are free public parks everywhere. I did have to pay $60 for a year membership at the park I just started skating. What a great deal!

: Hope you to enjoy this. It have been made thinking in all of you ,quads.
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