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Your skates
Thanks Irene. What boot is that? It looks very comfortable. I need to find some good rollerskate wheels because I use the little trucks. Any suggestions?

: Hey Robert,
: Good to know you are attacking the park and the lil' kids ;-)
: The Rollergirl grindbars work well and withstand bending pretty well.
: New wheels and grindbars were put on July 2004, and after about 3 sessions, the back bar has a slight bend. No signs of cracking to date. I thought it
: might be interesting the have them cut curved inward, like an hourglass. I haven't mastered long grinds, so I'm not sure what kind of grippiness or grab you prefer. The rollerskaters who grind far are usually sliding on plastic rails.
: I've seen some inventive setups for grinding on rollerskates.
: ----------------------------------
: : Hi Irene, I like your skates and would love some suggestions. Your plate bars look awesome and I wonder where I can get them. Did they come bent or did you do that? I love plate tricks and rollergirl's look great, but I want something that grabs. Any suggestions?
: :
: : Robert
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