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Wheel Question
I finally get what you are saying. I put some old skateboard wheels on my skates and they rubbed, but I think smaller wheels with some spacers will take care of that problem. I did not get the whole hangar versus axle thing. My hangars are so small. No grind room at all. I think skateboard wheels will work, but I may just get some average rollerskate wheels and new bearings. I have no problem with speed. When I drop in, I have to slow myself down. I think I will concentrate on protective gear for now. I am so sore that I am wondering, if I can even keep skating. I was going to go today, but I could barely walk and my lower back hurt so bad. I decided to take it easy today and plan on skating tomorrow. I just got some new knee gaskets and hope it will be more comfortable. I decided to hold off on new skates until mine don't work anymore. My skates seem to be fine, but my body seems to be pretty tore up. I either slammed a lot as I was younger or I am just not used to working the muscles. I hope my body will hold up because my skill is coming back. I am too scared to try any tricks, but I am carving the combo pool like a madman. I did a couple of plate stahls, but it felt uncomfortable. I can't wait to bust one of my flips. They are pretty oldschool and I don't think I will ever do new tricks, but I would be happy to get my old tricks back. I will be happy when I can do a front and back flip and a brainless, which is a back flip where you rotate and land frontwards. That is all I want. I don't care, if I am great, I just want my old tricks back.

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: : I am extremely confused. I just got off the phone with Sure Grip and he told me that I can put skateboard wheels on my skates. I have the magnum plates and he said my axle is 9/37. He explained to me that all bearings are the same size except for the middle. He said that I could just pop my bearings out of my current wheels and put them in skateboard wheels and I would be fine. He also said they make a sleeve for axles so that you can fit skateboard wheels on them. I think I used them years ago. Please tell me, if you agree or why I would not be able to put skateboard wheels on my skates?
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: The sleeve is not what you need, he's talking about the diameter of the axle. Bearings sit centered in skateboard wheels and your rollerskate axles are not long enough to get a locknut on the end. With a wheel that has the bearing sitting flush to one side of the wheel, it won't rub against the truck. Take your skates to a shop and try to put a wheel on. You will see if your axle is long enough to use washers/spacers between the trucks and the wheels. If not, your only solution is replace with longer axles, find wheels that are flat on one side or get trucks that work without any modifications. I'm assuming you skate parallel and not sidestance (heel to heel). See if you can find wheels that are narrow, you might get lucky and they'll fit, no problem.
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