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Going to the park as an older person
I was a bit apprehensive to hit my local park, but I must say these little kids are a lot different then when we skated 20 years ago. They don't seem to really push themselves or try to ride the vert. They are content with the street course and wearing no pads. I think they take these parks for granted. I have had a few little kids come up to me and they have been very respectful and looked at my skates as if they were something they never have seen in their lives. I am guessing that is true. lol Besides the fact they leave candy in the bowl and don't look where they are going, they are pretty good kids. I had one kid ask me, if my skates were figure skates. I told him not exactly and he told me how his mom used to be a professional figure skater. These kids seem a little scared of me. lol I kind of like it. lol I am a single guy and just might have to meet their moms. lol
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