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Ordered Wrist Guards
Hi all,

I am pretty bummed right now. I have always hated wrist guards, but decided to order some from Pro Designed because they were on sale and they would custom fit them. I just got them and they are so tight. I am not sure how they are supposed to fit, but the size says Medium and I don't know how they could custom fit them so quickly. I am 5'11" and weigh 190 lbs. I would think that I would be a large. If any of you wear wrist guards, I would like to hear what size you wear and what size you think I am. I thought the custom fit would be so comfortable, but I can barely get them on and I would not want to skate with them. I have always found wrist guards to mess up my wrists more than not wearing them. I do wear a wrist guard/glove from Bauer. They are not bad. I guess I need to start making better choices. I am trying to be safe, but sometimes equipment gets in the way. I seem to slam more than slide. I have only had a concussion and thank god I was wearing a helmet at the time. I have realize that good hip pads are a must for me. Pads are a necessary evil. I see these little kids skating with out pads, but they don't push themselves and never fall. If you are going to progress, you must fall. I think next week I will take it easy and just carve the combo pool and not try any tricks and try not to fall. My friggin body aches and it may be more my job at the computer than skating. lol

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