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Merry Christmas to all Vertical Rollerskaters
: Robert,
: your Story reminds me about "the old days" of me. Back in about 1984, I was skating at some kind of junky skate park here in Freiburg. I was just cruisung on a flat surface, trying to learn to control my cheap skates. I also speeded over some wobbles. There were slso some local kids there, trying to ride some crappy concrete half pipe (2.4 m wide, 2.4 m, 2 m flat (!)). They alway made fun of me when I came near the half pipe and called: "And now in to the half pipe!". Well, some day I tried. It was very hard, because I was, like you, the only one. There was no one from whom to learn what was possible! In 1986 I went to watch my first contest in Basel. There was also a roller skate competition. There I saw those awesome skaters Thomas Kalak, Diesy Knauder and Reto Matter. Man, was I stoked!
: In 1987 I went to watch the Münster Monster Mastership. Friedel was doing back flip about 3 m high. Completely crazy! Alas he stopped roller skating because he thought he was skating to unclean and went on to pursue a career in motor biking.
: Yes, you are right: There are lots of old stories.

hallo, kalak hier,

jaja die guten alten zeiten. wo sind sie nur verblieben. oder? :-( :-( :-(
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