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Addicted Again
Hi all,

I hit the park for the fifth time today after my sore muscles healed. I had the best day ever. I decided not to try any tricks and just see what happened. I skated for 45 minutes and my lungs were burning. There was an older skateboarder there with his son and I am sure he was old school. He was taking some amazing lines and I watched what he was doing and began to do the same lines. I felt more comfortable today than the previous days and did not fall once. I was so tempted to keep skating and try some tricks, but I realized there are more days to come. I hope to go tomorrow and through the weekend. I felt so comfortable today and my new knee gaskets felt amazing. I was carving so high and so fast, it felt amazing. I am so addicted again. I will take it slow and soon be busting the old school flips. I can't wait to skate tomorrow. It's amazing how an old passion can wake up a dying sole. I can't tell you how amazing it felt to find a line where I could carve all three bowls at the top and not fall. My next huge goal is to do my signature trick the lackback air. This is an oldschool skateboard trick that I have not seen many quad or inline skaters do in my life. It is my favorite trick ever. Nothing like hitting the coping with your arm staight and having your feet go vertical above your head. I am sure most of you have done this, but I have not seen it in 20 years.

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