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Fun day
Hi all,

I put in some new bearing last night and it made a huge difference. They are the mini logos and I guess they are an inexpensive bearing that I bought from a skateboard shop. They only cost me $20 and made all of the difference. I was carving the combo pool so fast and had no problem with speed. I did notice my very, very old wheels started to slide. I noticed something today that I did not notice. I don't know, if it is the norm now, but the coping does not stick out much at all. I did a few footplants and it seemed I did not catch the same way I did years back. It seemed I had to jump back in. I just ordered rollergirls vert skates because I am not one to put things together and can't wait. I am feeling so much more comfortable and the leg pain is going away. I think my new skates will be more suitable for the park I skate. I am used to big coping and having my back trucks latch on. Not at this park. I am still trying to take it slow, but I can actualy skate with style and carve very fast and high. I really want to try some tricks, but that coping scares me. I am used to popping off the coping and I am afraid I will end up over the bowl on my back. lol It's all good and I am trying so hard to just get exercise and not let my ego get in the way. I have these little kids ask me if I can do certain things and I just say that I am just trying to get used to things. I will say that these little kids know nothing about skating etiguette. They throw their boards out of the pool and they go rolling everywhere. They never look to see, if you are going to drop in and they just slide into the pool and spend way too much time. I don't get mad because this is their time. lol
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